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Drift wood artwork

Often out on shore walks with the family and dogs I come across interesting pieces of driftwood. Some are still holding onto the remnants of their previous existence with flaking paint, rusty nails and curious holes which make them irresistible for picking up and taking home to dry out and use as ‘canvases’ for some artwork. I try to choose images that work with the driftwood and be led by the shape, pattern and texture already existing.

Sometimes this can take a while and other times its immediately obvious what image will work. All of the images I work from are my own photography or sketches so if I haven’t been there or seen it I won’t paint it. I really feel this makes my work authentic and gives me a feel for the atmosphere.

The end product reflects where the wood was found and hopefully the essence of the islands. Each piece is individual and original with an inscription on the reverse detailing where the wood was found and what medium has been used to create the piece of art. Every piece is signed and has a tiny piece of gold leaf strategically placed within the image to highlight a detail.

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